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About the Artist

Downing Designs infuses glass countertops with flowing, natural patterns to accent your kitchen or bath. Glass countertops are all hand-made to order by Jeff Downing. His signature designs include dynamic textures of Cat 5 Hurricanes, Big Waves, Tropical Palms,and Jagged Ice.

Acid Test on White Glass Countertop

At DowningDesigns we like to press the limits of our materials to understand their ability to withstand the harshest treatments they may encounter in our clients homes, bars, restaurants. Having scrap pieces in abundance helps as we can truly test them without...

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Outdoor Countertop Options: Which is Coolest?

Downing Designs offers many countertop choices. In fact, we are the ONLY countertop manufacturer that can supply our own custom  Textured Glass and Concrete Countertops, along with White Glass, and every Quartz, Granite, Solid Surface, etc. The point is: We are...

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