Creating a Focal Point for your Room

At Downing Designs, our designs can be subtle accents or the centerpiece of your room.  We use special techniques to highlight and accentuate our pieces so that you can showcase your custom backsplash to the fullest extent.  One of these techniques is custom LED lighting.  Our hand crafted patterns speak for themselves.  Our integrated approach to installation allows the art to be as vibrant as you desire.

A Custom Experience

When you work with Downing Designs, you are working with a team of professional artists and engineers.  Each piece is custom made and discussed with you before the final sketch is produced. We’ll get a sense of your preferences, your style, and your personality, and incorporate it with our artistic designs. Feel free to browse our current designs and portfolio for inspiration.  Since each piece is custom made, we are happy to entertain your special requests.

Don’t wait any longer to have the home of your dreams

Our studio is constantly working to create custom home designs to bring your vision to life. Each design is one of a kind and unique to each client.  Contact us now to begin the consultation process.  You’ll be amazed at what we can to upgrade your home with just one custom piece.

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