At Downing Designs, our custom designed concrete countertops provide you with a durable and beautiful solution for your home.  Concrete Counters

Many people choose our concrete solutions because they are unique and allow for complete customization.

Keeping your Downing Designs countertops in top condition will ensure their longevity.  

Cleaning Your Concrete Countertops is Easy

Concrete countertops can last for a long time if properly maintained and cared for.  Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your countertops.

Make sure you clean your concrete counters on a regular basis.  There are many solutions you can use in order to clean concrete.  

Dishwashing detergent and water can be incredibly effective when removing stains.  Mixing a couple tablespoons with warm water, and using a cloth to remove the stains is the best method for using this solution.  

Using a PH balanced cleaner is also effective for concrete.  There are wipes specifically made for cleaning concreteor marble which are PH balanced for convenience.

Remove Stains With Ease

Stains can be an issue with concrete due to its porous nature, but with the proper cleaning techniques, stains can be a non-issue.  

Laundry stain remover like Oxi-Clean works very well on concrete, and can be sprayed directly onto the stain.  Letting the remover stay for a few minutes, then rinse with soap and water.  

For more stubborn stains, a hydrogen peroxide paste made from peroxide, flour, and water will work wonders.

No Hassle Maintenance

Concrete can be incredibly durable, and offers a product with unlimited longevity if you pay attention to it.  

Having a concrete counter from Downing Designs shows that you not only care about quality products in your home, but that you want a unique and artistic expression of your taste in your everyday life.  

If you take care of your concrete counter, you’ll have a staple piece of artwork that you can use in your kitchen for years to come.