White Glass Countertops are a popular color for anyone in need of a crisp, contemporary look. They are also excellent outdoor countertop surface as they reflect almost all of the heat from the sun. This is a huge benefit in Summer months (esp. In Florida) where many other surfaces will be simply too hot to enjoy.  When comparing white countertop options, many designers wish to employ the whitest color possible to provide a crisp clean color to contrast to cabinets, floors, walls, and back splashes.

While there are many white quartz countertop manufacturers we can fabricate for you,  we also provide White Glass countertops. The qualities of these have been referenced in other blogs here, but in our experience our White Glass is superior in terms of:

  • White Glass can be used outdoors…Quartz cannot due to UV yellowing.
  • White Glass reflects the sun…gets only mildly warm…even in direct Summer sunlight.
  • White Glass can accept hot pans directly…Quartz can melt, scorch or burn.
  • White Glass is Stain proof….White Quartz will stain from oils, pen ink, and solvents.
  • White Glass is cigar and cigarette burn proof…Quartz is not. Great for commercial work.
  • White Glass provides the best background for Textured Glass high bars to capture the shadows cast from above.

We took our White Glass and photographed it against common quartz countertop options to see which was the purest white surfacing available. We juxtaposed our white glass against popular Quartz manufacturers such as Caesarstone, Cambria, and Zodiaq. The results surprised us, as they proved to be not truly white colors despite having names such as Snow White, Pure White, etc. When we looked to their website for “colorful” descriptions, we found some interesting claims. From Caeserstone: “Pure White is the purest, cleanest, dense white available.This colour meets the ongoing demand for “new” whites and combines modern style with durability.” Close, but not exactly true!  It might be the whitest quartz available, but when you select a fabricator like Downing Designs who can offer to fabricate quartz, glass, concrete, etc you get a smorgasbord of offerings vs a narrowly defined vision limited to one material. 

The whitest countertop material

White Glass vs Pure White Quartz

Clearly, the White Glass is a MUCH purer white. This is not surprising as the quartz is 30% plastic resin binder and only 70% solid material filler. The grains of aggregate can also be clearly seen in any quartz. This gives them a completely different appearance to a pure White Glass surface which is homogeneous and has a much more pure and refined surface shine.

Pure White Caeserstone

“Pure White” Caeserstone 

The feel of our glass is also much smoother to the touch…a luxury which we see more and more countertop buyers looking for in their material selection. (We can also diamond polish the high shine down to a matte finish for those who wish to use White Glass for shower steps, stairs, etc.)

While we do not suggest that pure white is the only white countertop option, we would suggest that if you seek the purest white color and absolute durability, then our White Glass has a distinct advantage both now, and for many many years to come.

Please give us a call anytime to discuss your whitest countertop needs. Thank you…Jeff Downing (813) 784 5211