Concrete Countertops in Tampa

Kitchen design trends are constantly shifting, but in the home design world, it’s always about the countertops.

Appliances and cabinets, two major priorities in kitchen design in the past, have even taken a back seat to unique and quality countertops.  

One of the most sought after materials recently is concrete countertops in Tampa.

Part of the appeal of concrete countertops is their natural appearance.  Raw materials are highly sought after in home design, and concrete offers multiple versions of a popular material.

Due to its subtle differences, you can have unlimited options in appearance with concrete.  You can even embed other materials in the concrete for design purposes.

Unlike a synthetic countertop, concrete offers a unique and beautiful medium for your counters.

In addition to being visually appealing, concrete is durable.  Concrete countertops require some maintenance, but if properly taken care of, they are built to last for years to come.  

They are simple to clean, and when sealed properly, resistant to nicks and scratches that other materials are sensitive to.  

In fact, concrete is known to become even better looking and more unique as years go by, while other countertop materials will simply lose their appeal and need replacing.

Concrete Countertops in Tampa Are Making an Impression

Concrete is a versatile way to enhance your design theme.  When paired with natural woods, stone, and other organic materials, a concrete countertop can carry out a natural, rustic look.  

If placed in a setting with mod furniture, it can enhance a vintage modern theme.  Place it with darker colors and surroundings for an ultra-modern, industrial appearance.

There are many ways you can enhance your kitchen design with concrete countertops Tampa.  At Downing Designs, we create custom designed concrete countertops, so you can have a kitchen counter that is not only durable and functional, but a work of art.  

Concrete is a great material to use when combining art and function, because it has amazing design flexibility.  It’s also one of the more adaptable materials to begin with when seeking to customize size.

If you’re considering concrete countertops, contact Downing Designs to discuss your options.  Concrete is one of the most versatile design tools available, and at Downing Designs we can use it’s flexibility to design a piece that expresses your unique design theme.  

Our artist has a number of beautiful designs waiting for you to browse, or we can create a new piece of art that will set your home apart from any other.