The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel.  This can result in some beautiful and unique kitchen designs in Tampa, FL.  It can also result in some disasters.  Whether the issues are practical, logistical, or just plain unappealing, here are some common kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Make These Mistakes with Kitchen Design in Tampa, FL

Lack of Space

Space is the most important factor for a functional kitchen. Many people crowd their kitchen or are not aware of how much space they need.  You want to have a significant amount of counter space for cooking and preparation, without sacrificing ease of movement and socialization.  Keeping the kitchen empty while cooking is difficult to do, so make sure that you space accordingly.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a popular design trend, and it’s not hard to see why.  Open shelving can be beautiful.  Just don’t use it for everything.  Choose one area for open shelving, and allow cabinetry for the rest.  Expecting to keep everything neat enough to have open shelving is unrealistic for most people. Combining open shelving with cabinetry is more practical and can be a beautiful design choice.

Poor Planning

Two drawers that open into each other, oven doors that open and completely block the space in front of them, poorly placed islands…these are just a few of the mishaps that can occur with poor planning.  Make sure that you have someone who understands your space and can take it into consideration with each installation or major change.  If you are doing the renovations yourself, make sure you check your work and always measure twice.

Live It

If you have an oven in the wall, you need a place to put things down after you take them out.  Make sure there is counter space next to the oven.  Make sure you have cabinets near the refrigerator, so you can pour yourself a glass of something.  Try to envision how you will live, interact, and work in your kitchen.  Base your kitchen designs in Tampa, FL on these realities.  

Bad Lighting

Nothing is worse than a kitchen with poor lighting.  Make sure that you have several lighting options.  Highlighting is always appealing, and should be used to accent the design of your kitchen.  But make sure you also add overhead light fixtures to keep things bright.

Design is an art, and requires careful planning.  Avoid these common mishaps, and you’ll have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!  


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