The world of custom design has varying levels of interactive opportunities.  Some companies, you will give a basic idea to, and let them do the rest.  Others will work with you intimately from start to finish.  At Downing Designs, we enjoy letting our clients have an active level of participation throughout the creation process.

Full Involvement in the Custom Glass Design Process

Handcrafting your custom piece from Downing Designs is an intricate process.  We find that it can be interesting and exciting to allow clients to participate actively in the creation of the final product.  That’s why we not only offer consultation and design opportunities, but creation opportunities as well.

Our goal is to allow our clients creative engagement.  We want your final product to align with your needs and expectations.  In our design center, we invite all our clients to enjoy the creative process.  We will sketch a flow that enhances the dimensions of your space.  Your handcrafted design should complement the room you’re creating it for, and allow you maximum movement no matter the size of the space.  You will be able to approve this sketch before we move on to creation.

When we carve the kiln, we allow our clients to be present to participate.  They usually love to engage in formulating the flow!  It’s a fun and interesting process that is exciting to be a part of, especially when creating your own piece of art.

Kiln Carving is a process in which we create the pattern for our custom glass designs.  The process involves cutting your design pattern for the glass.  Then, we stack the glass and put it in the kiln.  When you see the amazing results of this process, you will be amazed.  We are able to create unique and beautiful custom glass designs by using this method. We are always happy to let our clients be involved in the behind the scenes crafting process.  

Interaction is not limited for long distance clients.  We are constantly in touch with our clients, especially throughout the custom design process.  If a client is not available for the fun stuff, like Kiln Carving, we photograph the kiln design.  This photograph is sent to the client to gain approval before moving forward.  
With Downing Designs, you can become a part of the artistic process for your own home.  We will  be creating a custom piece to become a focal point of whatever room you want to enhance.  It is important to us that we allow our clients the opportunity to create this piece together with us, so that they can be involved in the process from start to finish.  


Kiln Carving