Arced Front Textured Glass High Bar in Bradenton Beach, FL from Jeff Downing on Vimeo.

Textured Glass High Bar from Downing Designs in Malabar, FL from Jeff Downing on Vimeo.

At Downing Designs, a very popular seller continues to be our Glass High Bars with LED’s. They add an element of distinction to any kitchen while at the same time extending the usable surface area of the kitchen via our custom cantilevered supports.

With just two supports we have successfully mounted many large glass high bars that are over 115″ long. The transformation of the kitchen is amazing and can be seen in the following photographs of kitchens designed to accommodate our high bars with bar stools.

A few distinguishing elements of note as you are looking at our installation photos and videos:

  1. We minimize the LED wiring by first hiding it inside the stainless cover, and then threading it through a hole drilled into the back of the support and down through the countertop to the cabinet below. Sleek.
  2. We use a slim 1/2″ x 1/4″ brushed stainless LED cover tailored to fit your glass top. The beauty of this is that on a 1.5″ thick glass countertop, you still get to see through 1.0″  or 2/3 of the polished glass. This is important as during the day, the glass edges can glow with any moderate ambient lighting, and is simply, naturally beautiful. Big cover plates are not for us…they simply hide the gorgeous hand-polished edge.
  3. Simple, strong, elegant support design. Each is securely mounted with 3/8″ bolts that can handle 600 lbs each. Minimalist design but very robust.
  4. Cool design to emulate the bow of a clipper ship, and, avoid your knees. Tampa is a cruise ship city and we get a lot of insights from the beautiful naval architecture that passes through here…specifically the bows of ships, which thrust out in a beautifully arced design. 
  5. The glass is attached to the cantilevering brackets with silicone. This eliminates the need for mounting caps and is just as strong. More minimalism for you who want to slide your drinks from one end of the bar top to the other…or just plain sleeker.
Glass High Bar with LED in Kitchen

Glass High Bar with LED in Kitchen

Glass High Bar with LED in Kitchen

Side View Glass High Bar with LED in Kitchen

If considering a glass countertop for your home, please consider these:

  1. Do you have sufficient clearance from the faucet on the lower surface?
  2. Do you have sufficient access to attach our support brackets for the high bar?
  3. Is your lower countertop sufficiently strong to support the weight of a 300lb high bar?

As ever, we are ready to discuss your interests 7 days a week at (813) 784 5211 to understand how we can transform your kitchen with a beautiful glass high bar design.

Jeff Downing, Downing Designs