At Downing Designs, we create hand crafted custom pieces for your home.  When you buy a piece from Downing Designs, you are getting a one of a kind work of art. We’re proud to disclose that our company and our product is made in the U.S.A.

American Made Products Mean Quality and Convenience

Quality is an important factor to us.  Each piece that we make needs to be strong and beautiful. Since we operate domestically, we are able to oversee each aspect of our designs.  We are familiar with our suppliers, and we are particular with our sources.

How to Make Glass Counter Tops of the Highest Quality

Our glass products are made with Starphire glass created in Pennsylvania.  Starphire glass has many unique qualities. You will notice that it is exceptionally clear.  This is because it only contains a fraction of the iron found in traditional glass.  More light is able to shine through, making the Starphire glass dazzling.  This also makes for a stunning presentation when highlighted by our LED lights.  This glass is easily accessible to us due to its domestic location.

At Downing Designs, we hire domestically and we do not outsource production to other countries.  This is important to us, as it provides jobs for our local community. All of our freight and machines used in production are American made.  We pride ourselves on supporting our country and its economy.

One of the best aspects of being a completely U.S. based company is the easy access it allows us to every step in the production process.  We know how to make glass counter tops that inspire confidence in our product and brand.  We are able to overcome many hurdles in production simply because we have a relationship and accessibility with the people who make the process possible.  

This also means a more personal experience for you.  We are able to fulfill requests on a pre-determined timeline with accurate foresight.  We have our phone on 24/7 to ensure that you have a quality experience and access to the process.  You will never have to worry that we will be unavailable or unreachable for days or weeks at a time.  We pride ourselves on offering custom care as well as a custom product.    

Since our designs are hand-crafted domestically, clients can visit the studio.  They can be actively involved in the creation of the design.  This also enables them to see the product in different stages of the process.
At Downing Designs, we aim to bring the utmost quality and convenience to the art of custom design.  Being completely domestic in our process gives us the opportunity to provide that high level of service and quality we strive for.