Design is a powerful tool.  The right design methods can portray an environment that reflects your personality, your taste, and your intentions.  Design can change guest interpretation of your home, and even affect the comfort level and activity of your guests.  If you want to make your guests feel relaxed and stay longer, you want to create a social environment through design.

Kitchen Remodeling Design Expert on Designing a Social Environment

When creating a social environment through design, you must remember that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Enhancing this space is the single most important design decision you can make.  The kitchen is a place where family and friends gather.  More and more, it has become the primary space for socialization in the home.   Kitchen remodeling in Naples, Florida, or in any area, is considered a wise investment for many reasons.

For families, the kitchen is a great investment.  Not only is it a primary consideration in resale value, but it holds personal value as well.  Moms all over the country struggle to create an inviting environment where kids can put their phones down long enough to savor a home cooked meal, and talk about their day.  A modern and open kitchen invites this level of socialization in the family.

Your guests will also love to gather in the kitchen.  It feels relaxed and informal, and has ample opportunity for conversation.  The kitchen is a launching pad for conversation starters.  Comments on cooking, cocktails, and wine are natural topics, especially if you are serving food.  Additionally, the discussion of kitchen design is a topic of endless entertainment, and increasing importance to homeowners across the country.

At Downing Design, we love drawing attention to the kitchen.  Our handcrafted glass works create an artistic, dramatic focal point.  This focal point is often a counter top, raised bar, or backdrop, and is located in the kitchen where people congregate and socialize.  This creates a natural talking point for your guests, while leaving a lasting impression.  
Downing Designs has a world of opportunities when it comes to creating a social atmosphere in your home.  If you are seeking the right materials for kitchen remodeling in Naples, Florida, look no further than our custom workshop.  Whether you are looking for a quality bar to serve your guests from, or an artistic focal point that will astound and impress, Downing Designs can create a custom piece for your needs.


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