Artistic Glass Countertops

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Textured Glass Countertops

Large Glass Countertops

Glass Backsplashes

About the Artist

Downing Designs infuses glass countertops with flowing, natural patterns to accent your kitchen or bath. Glass countertops are all hand-made to order by Jeff Downing. His signature designs include dynamic textures of Cat 5 Hurricanes, Big Waves, Tropical Palms,and Jagged Ice.

Glass High Bars with LED’s and Cantilevered Supports.

At Downing Designs, a very popular seller continues to be our Glass High Bars with LED's. They add an element of distinction to any kitchen while at the same time extending the usable surface area of the kitchen via our custom cantilevered supports. With just two...

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Interactive Design of Glass Countertops at Downing Designs

We always learn new things from our clients. Always. When clients approach us with their ideas about their custom glass countertop, we first discuss with them how their space “flows”, and their ideas. We always want to know how a person will enter the kitchen or bath,...

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