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Downing Designs infuses glass countertops with flowing, natural patterns to accent your kitchen or bath. Glass countertops are all hand-made to order by Jeff Downing. His signature designs include dynamic textures of Cat 5 Hurricanes, Big Waves, Tropical Palms,and Jagged Ice.

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Glass Countertops…The perfect surface material

All discussions at Downing Designs start with how you use your space before we recommend one of our surface solutions. Do you have kids, are generally messy, is this for indoors vs outdoors, modern vs traditional, high budget vs low budget, commercial or residential,...

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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Tips for Small Kitchen Design Transparent and translucent materials tend to give the illusion of a larger size. Windows on the front of your cabinets will make your kitchen appear larger, and even heighten the look of the ceiling. White glass and/or textured Glass...

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The Worst Mistakes People Make in Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel.  This can result in some beautiful and unique kitchen designs in Tampa, FL.  It can also result in some disasters.  Whether the issues are practical, logistical, or just plain unappealing, here...

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