Designing a home is a balance of personal taste and cohesive choices.  No matter what your style, whether it be conservative and simple or unique and eclectic, you want to add a personal touch.  One way to do this is to create a focal point that will step up your home design and set it apart from the rest.   This is where Downing Designs flourishes.  We specialize in creating one of a kind art with everyday functionality.  

Patterns, Colors, and Glass Stair Treads Can Step Up Your Staircase

One aspect of home design that is making a huge splash is custom staircases.  A custom staircase gives your home a step up in the design department, and creates the natural focal point that all homeowners are looking for.  Here are some of our favorite staircase designs.

Contrasting Patterns

Using contrasting patterns in the same color scheme on the front of your stairs is a great way to create a unique and modern design.  This is an artistic approach with a strong visual impact.

Contrasting Colors

If contrasting patterns are a little too busy for you, using contrasting colors in the same pattern is the more organized alternative.  This looks artistic yet classic when using paisleys, fleur de lis, or vertical stripes.

Glass Stair Treads

Our Downing Design glass stair treads are a perfect alternative to the traditional staircase. These utilize a stainless steel staircase design fabricated by All Metal-Fab right here in Tampa. This stainless steel staircase serves as a frame, with our glass stair treads as the steps.  Using our signature design patterns in strong, quality glass we are able to create a stunning staircase for your home.  We then accent the treads with LED lighting, creating a sleek and contemporary look.  

Floating Stairs

Floating stairs give the appearance of having no structure surrounding them.  They require very specific design and installation.  These stairs combine an ultra-modern technique with a whimsical approach.  The possibilities are endless, and depending on material and color choice, you can create a variety of looks with floating stairs.

Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase is a classic, and the options are plenty.  You can create a grand appearance with a larger spiral staircase.  If your preference is more warehouse-chic, an antique spiral staircase with a tighter spiral will give the impression that you are headed up to an old-time loft.
Creating art from everyday design is how your home aesthetic will flourish.  These unique staircase ideas will bring innovation and creativity to any home.