When you choose Downing Designs to create a custom design for your home, you are involved in the process from start to finish.  Our specialty is personalization.  Your custom design should be fine tuned to your needs and your personality.  Here are some of the many detailed ways you can personalize your Downing Design.

The Personal Touch to Your Downing Design


Glass Works

Our signature Downing Design in glass is our Cat5 Hurricanes in glass.  These beautiful, swirling patterns are what draws people to the many options at Downing Designs.  What many don’t realize is that you can personalize this custom design.  You can choose wild versus calm, to fit the aesthetic of the room you are looking to add the piece to.  This ensures that you end up with a custom design that fits your personality.


It’s easy to personalize your choices when choosing a sink from Downing Design.  Our signature sink, the SurfSink, gives a modern and aquatic element to your bathroom.  By choosing different combinations and colors of concrete, you can personalize how your sink will look and what type of focal point you are going to create.  We also have concrete sinks available, and create beautiful designs and patterns with this material.  Whether you are looking for a soft, organic design, or an ultra-modern look, we can create it with you.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Our concrete kitchen countertops are completely customized.  You can choose the color of the concrete.  We custom cut the countertop to fit your space and leave you with enough room to work in your kitchen.  You can also have specialty items embedded into the concrete.  Some examples of what people have chosen include metals, coins, seashells, and sea glass.  You can even have one item of special significance embedded into the countertop.

Custom Bars

Our high bars are the perfect accent to your countertop.  We’ve had people choose to personalize our clear glass designs, or even use white glass for a more simplistic approach. The high bar adds a touch of design to an otherwise simplistic piece.  You can even add LED lighting to enhance the design and create a more dramatic effect.  

Glass Back Splashes

Our glass back splashes are one of a kind.  With your personal touch in the design pattern, and the option of further enhancement through LED lighting, these designs will blow you away.  You will sit down with our team of artisans to customize your design, and even have final approval over the proofs.  
With Downing Design, our priority is our relationship with our clients. We want to create a custom experience, and ensure that your designed is fully personalized from start to final product.


Hella Wella