Custom Sinks from Downing Designs

At Downing Designs, we create beautiful and artistic customized sinks for your home. We have a variety of styles that we work with create one-of-a-kind designs that will suit rooms of any style. Using glass and concrete, we are able to create unique and stunning installations for your home. A custom sink can make a huge difference in your bathroom. Let us work creatively with your space to create a custom sink that is both accommodating and appealing.

Types of Sinks

Downing Designs can create the perfect custom sink for your needs. We have built an entire line around custom sinks. We offer glass and concrete sinks with a unique design for your bathroom. Recessed concrete sinks, led lighting, and custom design are just some of the methods we use to make the entire room stand apart.

Concrete Sinks

Are you looking for an organic design that will enhance the aesthetic of your washroom? Look no further than a custom concrete sink from Downing Designs. 

Glass Sinks

Our glass sinks are incomparable.  Using artistic technique, we can create a look of depth or a sleek finish.  We have designs that that take a coastal, aquatic approach to glass sinks and also designs that are vivid and turbulent.  


Our “SurfSink” is a streamlined floating sink design merging meticulously handcrafted glass and concrete.  This floating sink design increases the feeling of airy spaciousness in your bath.

We have Vanities and Cabinets, too!

To create consistency with your new custom sink, we offer modern custom wall mounted cabinets as well.  

If you are looking to update an outdated vanity, one of our textured glass vanity tops will bring new life to your existing piece.  Or, trade in your old vanity for a brand new custom vanity from Downing Designs.  

Start Creating your Custom Sink

Take a look at our portfolio of custom sinks to get an idea of what we do at Downing Designs.  We can’t wait to discuss what you are looking for and create a one of a kind design just for you.  You’ll love working with our designers to choose the perfect sink for your bathroom.  We will create a design that will transform the most basic room into an ocular oasis.  

Want to discuss your options?

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