At Downing Designs, we use top of the line products and materials to ensure that you get a high quality custom design.  That is why for our custom glass countertops we use Starphire glass.  

Starphire Glass Countertops are a Level Above the Rest

Starphire glass is very unique, and stands apart because it  is exceptionally clear.  This is because it only contains a fraction of the iron found in traditional glass.  More light is able to shine through, making the Starphire glass countertops dazzling.  This also makes for a stunning presentation when highlighted by our LED lights.

Below is a comparison of Starphire versus Standard glass.


Low Iron Glass

Perfectly Clear

Recommended for Table Tops

Remains clear regardless of thickness

Slightly higher cost

Showcases every design detail and has a clean appearance


Use Iron Oxide to Produce

Has a greenish Tint

Not recommended for tables or counters

Shows cloudiness and coloration when used in a thicker cut

Economic product

Can tend to look murky due to its natural tint and iron content

Starphire glass remains completely clear no matter how thick it is cut.  However, the edging, instead of a green hue due to the iron, will have a clear azure blue coloring when cut to certain thickness.  This makes them ideal for Downing Designs.  Our windblown and nautical glass designs are perfectly complemented by the clarity of Starphire glass.  Each detail of your custom made, hand crafted design will be crisp and clear, leaving no doubt as to the quality of the work and the product.

Because of its many attributes, Starphire glass is used in a number of products to ensure quality and clarity.  From building windows, to aquarium tanks, to storefront window glass, Starphire is the choice any time quality is sought.  It’s even earned the name “water clear” glass.

At Downing Designs, we use Starphire glass for a number of signature products.  Our glass bars, table tops, stair treads, and of course our Starphire glass countertops and surfsinks all use this superior product.  Choosing quality materials is one of the many reasons our customers remain satisfied with their custom design for years to come.

If you are looking to take your home design to the next level, contact us and we will start creating your personal design.  Taking your space into careful consideration, we will assess your needs and preferences to create a design that is unique to you.  You’ll have full collaboration in the design process, and can even participate in the exciting crafting experience.   


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