Tips for Small Kitchen Design

A smart kitchen design will use transparent and translucent materials tend to give the illusion of a larger size. Windows on the front of your cabinets will make your kitchen appear larger, and even heighten the look of the ceiling. White glass and/or textured Glass countertops along with reflective surfaces also help create the illusion of a larger kitchen.


Cabinets which are the same color as the walls creates the appearance of a larger kitchen.  The more uniform you can keep your kitchen, the bigger it will look.  Light colors are always a great choice when you are looking to open the aesthetic of the room…with white being at the top of size enhancement tones.

Open it up

If your kitchen is isolated, open it up to the rest of the home. An open floor plan will always give the illusion of a larger kitchen. So, knock down the wall, eliminate the picture window for an open counter, and take out the doorways.  The more open your space is, the larger it will appear to be.  Our custom high-bar brackets allow for the illusion of a floating countertop/high-bar, without the need to have a space dividing knee-wall obstruct the openness. Two supports can support and cantilever our glass tops elegantly and can hold over 600lbs per pair.


Great lighting is another secret to making your kitchen appear larger. Whether you are using lighting to highlight specific accents, or creating an all-around bright look, lighting can make all the difference. If your kitchen is a little on the small side, make sure you have the proper lighting to brighten up dark corners, as well as the ceiling height.


Keep your appliances in one area.  For instance, your microwave, oven, and stove should all be located in the same space.  With a small kitchen, you don’t have the luxury of spreading out.  Keeping things consolidated will ensure that you utilize the space you do have appropriately.  When it comes to storage, the same practice applies.  Store things properly in your cabinets and drawers.  Avoid leaving items out or adding personal touches or tchotchkes.  The less cluttered your space, the larger it will appear. Minimalize whereever possible.

These design tricks and tips will help you display your kitchen design proudly.  Not only will it look bigger, but your kitchen will feel larger because of the measures you’ve taken to properly use your space.