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Glass Countertop High Bar with 2 custom supports 117″ long without LED light

At Downing Designs, we create glass with organic, dynamic patterns created to accent your contemporary kitchen or bath. Our textures are inspired by Natures fluid movements and they infuse your kitchen and bath countertops with life.

Glass Countertop High Bar with 2 custom supports 126″ long


For our coastal contemporary clientele, there is no better combination than a textured glass high-bar counter above a white glass surface. The purity of the colors suggests a day at a beach and will never go out of style.

Glass Countertop Outdoor Kitchen with LED lights

Glass kitchen are all hand-made to spec by Jeff Downing. His signature designs include dynamic hand-crafted textures of Cat 5 Hurricanes, Big Waves in Malibu, Tropical Palms,and Jagged Ice.

Glass Countertop With Aqua Bubbles and Hurricane

Textured glass by Jeff Downing with Aqua colored frit and Bubbles captured in between layers to add depth the the composition.,