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About the Artist

Jeff Downing and his team of Artisans at Downing Designs.

Our Philosophy

Jeff Downing Downing DesignsAt Downing Designs, our philosophy has always been to dare to create the impossible. Our hand-crafted glass emulates “The Shape of Water” and generates a passionate, emotional response from our clients. All works are produced by hand. Mass production is really not for us.

Jeff Downing and his team of Artisans at Downing Designs have been creating original works in glass and concrete countertops and sinks since 1999. He is a recognized leader in his art, as evidenced by his Aurora Award-winning designs and Platinum LEED-certified homes. Sensuous and Organic are words that describe his work. He was fortunate to be influenced by a family of artists, architects, interior designers and engineers. His beautiful 16,000 sq ft design studio is located near Downtown Tampa, FL.

Our studio is unique in its ability to fabricate and coordinate Textured Glass and Seashell Terrazzo into one masterpiece, illuminated from within. The fit and finish is impeccable, and is achieved only by the painstaking efforts of our skilled staff Artisans.

Our “SurfSink is a streamlined floating sink design that increases the feeling of airy spaciousness while serving as focal point in your bath. It captures the coastal experience with a fusion of beautifully sculptured Glass and Sea Shells. Our clients are genuinely thrilled when using SurfSink every day.”

He and his team of artisans take great pride in breaking established norms for material combinations, shapes, colors and  textures. When working one-on-one with clients, designs are presented in a series of sketches and options. “We give great consideration to the target space, tailoring each design until the glass texture and color flows perfectly with the room layout.  We then bring these to life in our artistic glass and terrazzo castings.”



When you walk into the room, the first thing you’ll notice is your custom piece created by Downing Designs.


At Downing Designs, we create beautiful and artistic customized sinks for your home.


Our glass backsplashes combine coastal with contemporary and can be customized to your preference.