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Last updated on January 4th, 2022 at 05:49 pm

Custom Floating Glass Bath Sinks

Our lineup include all-custom Floating Glass bath sinks, Integral Glass CounterSinks,  “SurfSink” a streamlined concrete and glass floating glass sink design and Glass Scallop Sinks formed to emulate Mother Nature. Any of our Floating bathroom sinks will increase the feeling of spaciousness in your bath. All are available in single, double or triple faucet configurations. The SurfSink is eye-catching and serene at the same time, making it a natural focal point in your Master bath. It captures the coastal experience with a fusion of beautifully sculptured glass and sea shells. It is a naturally “quiet” sink when using low-flow bathroom faucets. Our clients are genuinely thrilled when they use their SurfSink every day….and to us that is the true value of any of our products. Using our own textured glass and LED lighting, the SurfSink artistically displays the interplay of light and shadows to create a dazzling, dynamic shadow effect upon the floor when water is flowing. The clean lines incorporates hidden drains so that the artistic view from any angle is not obstructed with unsightly plumbing. This is a truly unique concept and will instantly elevate your bath design above all others. Our glass vanity bath sinks are customized for each home. We have many styles to choose from: trough sinks, single, double, or triple sinks.  We fabricate each glass sink to flow with your bathroom layout using our textured glass. This gives it a vibrant flow, one that leads you into and through the room.  Great when combined with our custom reclaimed wood mirrors.  Give us a text or a call to discuss how our floating glass sink can be brought to life for your home or restaurant.