At Downing Designs we offer the most unusual assortment of custom countertops in the USA. No other fabricator offers in-house custom textured glass, white glass (nanoglass), custom concrete, as well as the usual suspects like granite and quartz. Our forte is to create designs unlike any other, and with unusual material combinations. In order to assess their durability we intentionally press the limits of our materials to understand their ability to withstand the harshest treatments they may encounter in our clients homes, bars, restaurants. Having scrap pieces in abundance helps as we can truly test them without reservation. In this blog we report on the ability of White Glass (aka NanoGlass) to withstand Muriatic Acid (aka Hydrochloric Acid) poured directly onto its surface. As ridiculous as this sounds, we thought we would try it anyway to see the result. We poured undiluted Muriatic Acid on to the White Glass and Textured Glass, and let it sit for 24 hours. This is a highly corrosive acid, not likely found on most clients countertops…but no matter…we wanted to know what would happen. During the test, some of the acid did flow onto the ground, where we had some concrete residue. Those drippings impressed us as to just how corrosive this acid is in reality. It generated HCL “smoke”, fizzed, and bubbled. It very must resembled the action in the movie “Alien” when they cut the space creatures skin and it squirted its acid/blood onto the deck and almost ate through their space ship. So we knew the acid was highly corrosive, but apparently just not tough enough to eat the White Glass.The resulting corrosion observed was in a word, NOTHING. No etching, staining, marking…just nothing. 

So, next time you are planning on serving acidic drinks (wine, fruit drinks, etc.) go ahead… don’t worry about staining our White Glass Countertops. They are battle tested with chemicals that are far harsher than you will ever encounter, and come away clean. Zero staining. Zero cigarette burn. Zero hair dye stain. Zero maintenance. Just the best countertop material we know of…period.