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White Glass Countertops

Last updated on January 7th, 2022 at 06:58 pm

White Glass Countertops

White Glass Countertops from Downing Designs are the most popular outdoor countertop and perfectly suited for Contemporary and Modern kitchen, bathroom, and restaurant designs. The reasons are simple. They are by far the Whitest, strongest, most stain-proof, UV-proof, cigarette and hot pan-proof, hair dye-proof, solvent-proof, acid-proof material we have ever seen. High-end restaurants such as American Social and ULELE in Tampa have discovered its rugged, modern, characteristics.  For outdoor kitchens, it is the perfect material because it is 100% inorganic unlike synthetic Quartz which is ~15% plastic resin binder that will soon yellow outdoors. All major quartz manufacturers openly warn you to not use this product outdoors. White Glass countertops also stay cool in direct sunshine…96 degrees on a 93 degree day in Florida.  Your body temperature is 98.6 degrees. White Glass Countertops also stay very cool in direct Florida Sun...96 degrees on a bright, sunny 93 degree day. Your body temperature is warmer at 98.6 degrees. It commands a small premium to quartz countertops because it is a much harder material to fabricate and polish. The biggest benefit is the pure white color which expands any kitchen or bath room dimension to appear ~25-33% larger. This creates great value for the consumer as we live in an era where home prices are compared in dollars per sq ft. Therefore, increasing the visual volume of your kitchen or bath will yield a better value for your home down the road should you sell.  This has been validated by our White Glass counter top buyers. From an engineering perspective, the unbelievable strength of white glass allows you to create designs with MUCH wider cantilevers, and overhangs, without bracing…much more so than any other material. A recent survey shows an increasing adoption of high end White Countertops and cabinets in their modern and contemporary remodels. Our Textured glass raised bars look terrific atop white glass island tops

White glass is also a very pure countertop color option that plays well with any style of cabinetry. When used for outdoor countertops above e.g. rustic wood paneling, the effect of the “Jetsons-Flintstones” juxtaposition is very interesting.

Come visit our studio, or request a sample. Test it against any other granite, quartz, or wood countertop material. You will discover that our White Glass Countertops are far superior to any other material. Please give us a call at Downing Designs at (813) 784 5211

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