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At Downing Designs, we create glass with organic, dynamic patterns created to accent your contemporary kitchen or bath. Our textures are inspired by Natures fluid movements and they infuse your kitchen and bath countertops with life. There’s no magic in creating the finest hand-textured glass countertops in the world. It’s simply patient attention to the details of your project by our Artists and Engineers from inception, interactive design process to installation (usually 6 weeks, or, faster with our in-stock display inventory).

Glass kitchen & bathroom countertops are all hand-made to spec by Jeff Downing. His signature designs include dynamic hand-crafted textures of Cat 5 Hurricanes, Big Waves in Malibu, Tropical Palms,and Jagged Ice.  Most recently he has been a pioneer in creating kitchen and bath solutions which employ, translucent and white glass elements to expand the apparent volume of a room by 33%…while simplifying and unifying the contemporary or coastal home design theme.

Our lighting options (downlighting, multi-color LEDs, Natural) are thoughtfully detailed to make the most of your investment, and offer you infinite possibilities to make your textured glass come alive day or night.  While the expense of handmade glass is not for everyone, we invite you to consider how even a small investment (e.g. High Bars) in an elegantly designed glass surface will add real value to your modern, contemporary or coastal home.

We often recommend our glass surfaces for THE highest value space (island, high bar, tables) and contrast that with our white glass countertops, or light surfaces for the perimeter space in your kitchen. You do not need a lot of glass to make a powerful glass statement in your home.

For our coastal contemporary clientele, there is no better combination than a textured glass high-bar counter above a white glass surface. The purity of the colors suggests a day at a beach and will never go out of style. When illuminated at night, the dark shadows cast by the texture raining down on the white is the ultimate in contrast. Over the past 15 years we have formulated a methodical, collaborative approach which assures an excellent result.

  1. We Talk…You describe what you want, we flag any issues with installation limitations, or problematic engineering inherent in the design. We incorporate a scale drawing into a proposal.
  2. You accept…We Create. We invite you to participate in the glass design process…The experience is memorable, and the resulting texture is prepared with you in attendance if possible..
  3. We Install. This is where our experienced team will make the install perfect…down to the most minute detail.  Of course, we are LOCAL…we’re Americans. We will travel coast-to-coast to install our products. Long distance is no problem. Every shipment is crated, freighted and fully insured. We will walk you through the installation technique via phone. Simple!

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