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Downing Designs creates dazzling Glass Countertops and Sinks with fluid, dynamic textures created by hand. Each piece is an original work of art for your kitchen, bathroom or commercial restaurant or bar.

Our textures are inspired by Natures patterns and movements. We align the flow of these textures with the flow of the space they reside. This has a magical effect on any space. Stamped, random textures do not offer this magic. Its this attention to the details of your project that separate us from other glass countertop makers.

Our LED lighting infuses the glass with a luminous glow that is incredible in the evening.

We often recommend our Textured Glass Countertops for THE highest value spaces in your home (island, high bar, tables) and contrast that with our white glass countertops.

You do not need a lot of glass to make a powerful glass statement in your home.

Give us a call and send us your plans…we will create a set of design and pricing options for any budget.

Thank you.

Jeff Downing

(813) 784 5211

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