White Glass Countertops

Downing Designs white glass countertops are increasingly popular because they are by far the whitest, strongest, most stain-proof, UV-proof, cigarette and hot pan-proof, hair dye-proof, solvent-proof material we have ever seen. They are not subject to cracking like natural stone. For outdoor kitchens, it is the perfect material because it is 100% inorganic…unlike quartz, whose plastic resin binder will yellow quickly in UV light. It also stays cool in direct Florida sunlight in July…amazing!  It commands a small premium to quartz countertops because it is a much harder material to fabricate and polish.

The biggest benefit is the natural pure white color makes each kitchen or bath appear about 33% larger. In an era where surfacing costs are measured in dollars per sq ft, increasing the visual volume of your kitchen or bath is priceless.

The unbelievable strength of white glass allows you to create designs with MUCH wider cantilevers, and overhangs, without bracing, than any other material. 

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