Creating a social atmosphere in your home means a fun and friendly environment for entertaining. Custom bar tops from Downing Designs are a great way to create a social gathering spot for you and your guests, and have been growing in modern home design.  In order to ensure that you create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your guests, you want to create a lounge atmosphere.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Custom Bar Tops Help Create a Lounge Atmosphere at Your Home Bar


Location is important for any home bar.   If you’re trying to create a lounge-like atmosphere, you want to place your bar somewhere that seating will be plausible.  If you want a wet bar, somewhere with access to water hookup is necessary.  Plan where you are going to place your bar carefully.  Spacing is important and can easily dictate the design of your home bar.


Once you’ve decided how and where your home bar will be located, you need to start considering the design.  You want something that stands out, but complements the overall aesthetic of the room.  Making the bar the focal point of the room allows you to choose a design that personalize and customize the room.  At Downing Designs, we create custom bar tops for bars of all kinds.  We take your space and aesthetic into consideration with each handcrafted design.


In order to create your home lounge, you need to have the right lighting.  The ideal situation is to have adjustable lighting so that you can brighten up your space as needed, but dim the lights when you want that lounge atmosphere.  Another great way to light up your bar is to use accent or back lighting, either under the bar top or behind the bar.  At Downing Designs, we offer LED lighting options with your custom bar tops that accent and highlight the craftsmanship of each design.

Around the Bar

To create a fun atmosphere, you’ll also want to consider the space around the bar.  How do you want your space to be represented?  What type of interaction are you trying to achieve?  If you’re looking to have discussions, serve appetizers, or play card games, you probably want to create a seating area.  If you are looking for a more active environment, some game tables or dartboards might be more your style.  Design your area based on the way you want your guests to interact.  Think of design as a suggestion for activity.

With Downing Designs, you can take your home bar to the next level of interior design with our custom bar tops.