Home design is constantly evolving, and new trends are always popping up.  One of the latest developments is the decision to take the indoors outside.  This allows you to fully entertain while enjoying your outdoor space.  Outdoor lounge areas, showers, and even fully equipped outdoor kitchens are skyrocketing in popularity.

Kitchen Counter Designs and More for your Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has evolved to a point where it is fully equipped. The beauty of this is that you can host outdoors and still have full access to all you could dream of.  You can cook a full menu with no limitations.

Creating an outdoor kitchen requires several basic elements.  A grill and flat top are a great start to having a functional kitchen.  These are the beginnings of a great outdoor kitchen, but have been expanded upon to add even more elements.

Ovens are now becoming present in outdoor kitchens.  People are less likely to limit their capabilities, even adding additional electricity so that they can fully stock the area.  Alternatively, outdoor smokers or rotisseries have been added for an extra gourmet barbeque flair.  

Storage is another important component of the elaborate outdoor kitchen.  The goal of the modern outdoor kitchen is to be fully stocked.  This means appliances and cooking supplies for the space.  Main cooking utensils are a must, and plastic bowls are also popular.  Steel cabinetry or hooks for pans will allow your necessary cookware to be closeby.  A small refrigerator can save you a trip into your home.  Although perishables are usually purchased short term, you can keep them cool while you prepare your area and set up for entertaining.  When you are ready to fire up, everything you need will be at your fingertips.

As necessary as functionality is, it is even better when combined with beauty. Visual appeal is one of the most important aspects of the outdoor kitchen.  One of the first elements to combine aesthetic with functionality is your countertop.  Choosing the right counter can make a huge difference.  Whether you choose to have a smaller side counter, or a full island, your countertop by Downing Designs can add a custom element to your design.  White glass countertops are the single best idea for outdoor kitchens…they stay COOL IN DIRECT SUN, unlike ANY other material.  Putting your skin on white glass from Downing Designs won’t give you third degree burns from cooking heat or absorbed heat from the sun. White glass is also known for it’s resistance to stains and it’s unbreakable quality. Other white materials are OK, e.g. quartz, but cannot be used outdoors because it will yellow in short order…no good.

Creating a framework for your kitchen will only add to its appeal.  An open pavilion with roof will allow you to socialize and also serve as shelter if unexpected weather interrupts your culinary adventures.  

At Downing Designs, we can take any room from ordinary to extraordinary.  Find out about our concrete countertops and other elements for your outdoor kitchen.  


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