At Downing Designs, we create handcrafted, custom designs for your home or business. Because we use the highest quality materials available, you will be able to enjoy your piece for years to come, whatever your counter top choices may be.  Here are some tips to care for your Downing Designs.

The Proper Care for Your Counter Top Choices


We create glass countertops, table tops, and bar tops.  We use high quality Starphire glass for all of our glass creations.  There are several ways for you to care for your glass Downing Design. 

As far as cleaning is concerned, the two main concerns people have when cleaning glass are scratching and streaking.  Although we use quality glass that can withstand countertop activities, it is never a poor idea to use caution.  Always use a microfiber or soft cloth to clean glass surfaces.  This will gently clean the surface without endangering it.

To avoid streaking, simply use distilled water when cleaning.  Glass shows everything, and sometimes that includes the minerals and other streaking properties of your water.  Using distilled water is highly recommended for cleaning glass, and is great for gentle cleaning  Just add to your regular glass cleaner to dilute it and make cleaning easy.

Our glass is strong and meant to be used for your countertop or sink.  If you begin to see any scratches or nicks, make sure you contact us directly so we can advise you of the proper course of action.


Concrete is best maintained when it is cleaned regularly.  Most experts recommend that you use basic dish soap and water for stain removal.  However, concrete specialized products that are PH balanced are recommended for daily use.  

Concrete is incredibly durable.  You should have no issues with cracking or chipping, especially when you order from Downing Designs. You can use a wax occasionally to ensure that the concrete stays strong.  

With the proper care, your custom counter top choices from Downing Design will look just as new as the day it was installed in your home.  At Downing Designs, we offer handcrafted design services to create a one of a kind piece of art for your home design needs.  By using the highest quality materials to create our masterpieces, we are able to give you a stunning focal piece for any room that will last for years to come.  


Glass Top Cleaning