When the owners of the American Social Bar and Kitchen in Tampa visited us to initially discuss their bathroom sink ideas, we discovered they were interested in a very contemporary look for their new Harbour Island location. Our design center showed them exactly what they were looking for…floating sinks that offered their guests a real visual treat. The sink options they selected were designed to sync with the entire philosophy of their forward looking design that sets them apart from their competition. They delighted in specifying the exact material combinations (textured glass, seashell concrete) for their VIP room. The result is something that they can always proudly look back at and know the resulting sink perfectly represents their taste. 

They didn’t stop there. They were selecting countertops for their two large outdoor bar areas…often bathed in direct sunlight despite being under a canopy. Our design center has many outdoor-friendly countertop materials parked outside so clients can see just how hot they become in direct sunlight. They were very impressed with our White Glass Countertops, not only for their pure white composition, but even in afternoon sunlight, were relatively cool to the touch. We have referenced this in a prior blog showing how cool the are in direct sunlight.

Installing these white glass counters with Arch Hardware stainless steel drink rails creates a very contemporary look…and very practical. The combination not only looks terrific, but it is very easy to clean. No sealer is needed as white glass counters are non-porous. We laminated the edges to give it a thicker appearance. Because it a such a long bar, the 4″ thick edge maintains the sleek look.

These white glass countertops are very easy to maintain with simple Windex cleaner and are non-porous. They are the perfect material for the partial sunlight that impacts them. The clean contemporary look fits perfect with their overall design thesis, and brightens the space with its reflective brilliance. The colors in their food, wine and beers pop against the pure white backdrop. 

For those interested in a durable, zero-maintenance, contemporary bar top, we highly recommend taking a look at our white glass counters and glass sinks at the American Social Bar in Tampa. try the delicious Short Ribs while you are there…super tasty!

Jeff Downing, DowningDesigns.com


White Glass Countertop at American Social

American Social Bar…Outdoor White Glass Countertop

White Glass Countertop at American Social Tampa

Reflections of Downtown Tampa at American Social

Sleek Outdoor Bar in White Glass

Sleek Outdoor Bar in White Glass

SurfSink floating glass sink at American Social

SurfSink glass sink in VIP room at American Social