The kitchen is one of the main areas that people want to renovate in their home. Kitchen design is a huge undertaking and can turn out to be very expensive if you are not aware of the options out there. There are actually some simple and inexpensive ways to upgrade your kitchen design. With these tips, your kitchen will feel brand new.

A Makeover for your Kitchen

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one way to inexpensively upgrade your kitchen.  Although this needs to be done properly and can take time, it makes a huge difference.  Painting kitchen cabinets can be tough and expensive if you don’t know what is available.  One way to cut down expenses is to use professional chalk paint.   This can be expensive and the beginning, a little bit goes a long way and you’ll find the project is accomplished easily and on a low budget.  Just make sure you get the recommended cleaner to wipe down your cabinets before painting.

Concrete Counter Tops with Glass Make an Instant Impression

Another way to upgrade your kitchen is to add a glass high bar.  The glass high bars at Downing Designs are beautiful and unique pieces of hand crafted art that will instantly enhance your kitchen.  You can use these to augment your lower concrete counter tops with glass and create a raised bar.  They usually are mounted nine or ten inches from the lower counter.  

A glass high bar from Downing Designs is a great way to add value to your kitchen.   The added accessibility creates practical value for your  counter top, while the design creates a social and artistic focal point for the room.  These look great if you are looking to add some concrete counter tops with glass to your kitchen.  If you’re looking for a more dramatic impression, our professional lighting design service can be added as well to truly highlight your new piece of art.

Great lighting always makes an impression.   Another easy way to upgrade your kitchen is to add under cabinet lighting.  You will be amazed at how under lit your kitchen actually was when you compare it to a kitchen with cabinet under lighting.  Great lighting is an element that adds design value and also resolves a common issue with kitchen design.
At Downing Designs we are always looking for new ways to upgrade your space.  We are the place to go if you want to create a focal point for one of your rooms that will give you an instant upgrade.  Take a look at our online portfolio for some of our past works, or create a custom design with artist Jeff Downing and his team of artisans.