We get asked a lot about whether our concrete stains with normal use. We always answer…yes!   BUT with little effort, your concrete countertop from Downing Designs can be very easily cleaned and restored to normal. 

Our Concrete Countertops are processed and sealed with two types of sealers. This is the result of extensive testing of every type of sealer on the market, and is a process we trust. Our process increases the density of the concrete by crystallizing insoluble inorganic precipitates inside the pores of the concrete. The other is a penetrating sealer that is applied after all polishing is done. Both are applied until the concrete is saturated as evidenced by no more sealer being absorbed into the surface. It is an expensive, time-consuming process BUT with about 5 weeks time produces a very stain-resistant surface. The evidence is in the many restaurant, commercial and residential concrete countertops that still hold their looks years after installation. 

No stone surface is completely non-porous…none. We sell concrete, quartz and granite…they are all porous…some more so than others. Sometimes people confuse staining for dirt that is simply embedded into the pores. These stains can be removed with a little vigorous scrubbing. Others have penetrated deep into the stone. Fortunately, our concrete is a very tough material that can withstand straight bleach and scrubbing hogs hair pads.

Our recommended process for removing deeply embedded stains is:

Take straight bleach and scrub the affected surface. Continue for about 2 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap to keep the area wetted. Wait until you see the stain disappear…5-60 minutes.

The example below is pictures from my kitchen…its a light grey, matte finish countertop that is 3 years old. My espresso maker leaked slowly over the years…resulting in a stain that could not simply be scrubbed away.

These pictures show the result of my efforts to

restore the tops, and the the stain has been completely removed.Bleaching Coffee Stains on Concrete.

Coffee Stains on Concrete

Coffee Stains

Bleaching Coffee Stains on Concrete

Bleaching Stains on Concrete



Cocker Spaniel Guarding Concrete

Cocker Spaniel Guarding Concrete 

Cleaned Concrete

Cleaned Concrete